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48001 - Bilbao
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Contact : Ricardo
Barrio Berresoaga s/n. Larrabetzu. Bizkaia.
679 197100 (Alvaro)

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629 775081 (Ricardo)
690 108322 (Jorge)

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 -- FLEET --
The main characteristics of our present fleet are:
Constant renovation: The vehicles devoted to occasional transport are renovated on a regular basis once they are 5-7 years old. We can say that today, the average age of our vehicles is 2.09 years.
Versatility: We possess:
  - Coaches of 38, 55 y 56 seats:
  - Mini-buses of 10, 16, 19 and 24 seats.
Material: The main brand in terms of chassis is Mercedes, followed by MAN and Iveco. As far as bodywork is concerned let us highlight Irizar, leader in the coach sector together with the Catalan companies Beulas and IndCar.
· Specialisation:
- Special trailer equipped for transporting bicycles for cycling enthusiast.
- Coaches with convertible seats in bunk-beds for long-distance overnight journeys.
Details: Following the principle the comfort of the passenger we have seats that can be moved towards the aisle, foot rest in the seats, leather in the seats, safety belts, special large seats etc...
V.I.P concept: We have a few vehicles that one can consider VIPs, large seats, etc..., our concept is based on obtaining what has always been missing in coaches: space. In this way, within the limitations imposed by our manufacturers, our criteria has been as simple as that: remove seats to obtain more space. As a result, we have living space in mini-buses that are capable of accommodating for 21 which at the present are for 16, they could accommodate for 22 but they seat 19 at the present moment, in another 14 can fit but we thought 10 would be more comfortable; the conventional coaches of 55 seats are 12 metres long but ours have grown to 13 and 14 metres. This is our VIP concept: obtain space.
Date of journey :
Nº of seats:
Aproximate time:

* We have fixed prices that vary annually that correspond to the norms on Price References established by the Basque government for occasional transport as published in the Government Gazette.